National Properties Trust
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Clearwater, FL
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About Us

Major owner of Commercial and Office Space, Land developer, General Contractor, Electrical Contractor, A/C Contractor as well as Financier. Work is provided exclusively to its tenants. The organization has in House Lawyers, Engineer, Architects and Supervising Construction Staff as well as Property Managers. Specializing in Turn Key projects to its clients including financing. Can design multidiscipline projects, obtain permits, obtain the C.O. for their client and tenant, and cover all cost of financing and all cost will be covered by the tenants rent amortized over the tenant´s lease.

The Corporation was created by Gerry N. Farantatos P.Eng. He is an Engineer graduated from McGill University in Montreal, Canada in 1952. As well as achieving his masters of applied science degree in the university of Toronto. He was also one of the owners of Giffels Corporation in Detroit and Toronto.

Mr. Farantatos has been involved in multimillion-dollar projects around the world. In countries such as Australia, all over Europe, most of Asia and of course all over North and South America. He also owned in excess of 7,000 Sq. Ft. of apartment buildings in Toronto and 1,500,000 Sq. Ft. of commercial properties in Florida.

Furthermore he also has another affiliate company in Athens, Greece. Stegastiki s.a is a major construction company. Stegastiki builds residential, commercial and industrial properties, in Greece and throughout the Balkans. They specialize in building villas in Athens and there challenge is office buildings in the Athens area.

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